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Founding Member

Born in the rugged landscapes of Iceland and educated in Denmark, Aron Arngrímsson's journey from business graduate to renowned deep-sea explorer encapsulates a life driven by unbridled curiosity and the pursuit of the unexplored. From his first immersive experiences underwater to groundbreaking explorations and entrepreneurial ventures, Aron's path is marked by a relentless quest for discovery and connection.

Aron's exploration journey began in earnest after receiving his degree in business in Denmark. Choosing adventure over convention, he left his graduation party for a one-way trip abroad, intent on discovering new places and experiences. This journey was not just a gap year but a transformative expedition that shaped his future.

During his travels, Aron found a kinship with the expatriate community, whose open minds and shared enthusiasm for personal growth and exploration fueled his ambitions. It was during this period that Aron rekindled his passion for diving, a pivotal moment that would steer his professional life towards the underwater world.

Diving Career and Innovations

Aron’s diving career began at Ban’s Diving Resort in Asia, renowned as the world’s leading dive center. Here, he not only honed his skills as a Divemaster but also his entrepreneurial spirit, identifying a niche for filming guests’ diving experiences and producing DVDs. This venture not only enhanced his income but also his skills in editing and post-production, essential tools in his later ventures.

His stint as a commercial diver in Scotland, though marked by a near-fatal encounter with an electrified fishing net, did not deter him. Instead, it propelled him to co-found Team Blue Immersion in Dahab, Egypt in 2011, focusing on technical diving. Aron thrived in teaching advanced diving techniques, including the use of open and closed-circuit rebreathers, sidemount systems, and specializing in various advanced diving specialties.

Aron’s deep-sea explorations have taken him to remarkable depths and led to significant discoveries, such as new hot spring systems and underwater wrecks. His contributions to projects like Expedition Iceland – Project Hamilton, where he filmed record-breaking dives and unearthed hidden marine geothermal activity, underscore his impact in marine exploration.

The Dirty Dozen Expeditions, a concept born from casual conversations and shared visions with fellow divers, exemplify Aron's innovative approach to wreck diving. This venture organizes trips to iconic diving locations like Truk Lagoon and Bikini Atoll, bringing together skilled divers to explore some of the world’s most mesmerizing wrecks.

Aron remains candid about the economic and physical challenges of the diving industry, emphasizing the importance of safety and risk management over depth conquests. Looking ahead, he envisions expanding his diving expeditions, leveraging his growing expertise, and exploring new destinations with his team.


Aron credits his growth and success to the guidance of several industry luminaries who have shaped his approach and philosophy towards diving. As he continues to push the boundaries of deep-sea exploration, Aron remains committed to sharing his knowledge and experiences, enriching the diving community and inspiring the next generation of underwater explorers.

In June 2013, Aron was part of an expedition with Hamish Harding to the Titanic, which ended in the tragic loss of the Titan submersible. Aron participated in the intense search and rescue efforts, showcasing his commitment to the diving community and his readiness to face the most challenging situations.

Aron Arngrímsson's life is a vivid tapestry of daring dives, entrepreneurial ventures, and relentless exploration. From the icy depths of the Atlantic to the serene stillness of Truk Lagoon, his journey continues to inspire and propel the spirit of discovery in the underwater world. As he looks to the future, the depths of the sea remain not just a frontier to conquer but a continuous source of learning and wonder.

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