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Thursday 22.6.2023

This tribute is dedicated to the extraordinary life and remarkable achievements of Hamish Harding, to commemorate his indelible contributions and reflect upon the loss we have suffered following his tragic death in the Titan submersible at the Titanic site, which last was seen at the surface Saturday, June 18, 2023. Tragically, Hamish's death will forever be remembered in the world of exploration, but more importantly we want to celebrate his many contributions and share the depth of his dedication to exploration.

Hamish Harding embodied the true spirit of an explorer—an individual fueled by insatiable curiosity, unwavering determination, and an unyielding commitment to uncovering the mysteries of our world's most remote and challenging environments. His relentless pursuit of knowledge led him fearlessly into uncharted territories, leaving an enduring mark on the history of exploration.


Hamish included amongst his many exploration accomplishments a successful arrival to the South Pole, Marianna Trench. His circumnavigation of the planet, crossing both poles, earned him a Guinness World Record. These treacherous journeys tested his endurance, bravery, and determination.  

As we mourn the loss of Hamish, we also celebrate his legacy and the values he held dear. His dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the preservation of our planet's rich history garnered him respect and admiration around the globe. The impact he made as an explorer and as a member of our community will forever shape our collective understanding of the world's wonders.

it is important to note that Hamish Harding served as the founding Chairman of The Explorers Club's Middle East Chapter. In this role, he played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of exploration, camaraderie, and scientific inquiry within the region; and laid the groundwork for a platform for like minded people to unify and expand a common vision. Hamish's leadership and dedication to the exploration community extended beyond his personal endeavors, as he actively worked to inspire and support fellow adventurers in the Middle East and beyond. His contributions as the Chairman of the Middle East Chapter further highlight his commitment to advancing the frontiers of exploration and nurturing the next generation of explorers.

In honor of Hamish's memory, we pledge to continue fostering a spirit of exploration and scientific inquiry. We will strive to preserve his legacy by supporting aspiring adventurers, promoting environmental conservation, and pushing the boundaries of what is known and understood about our world. Hamish's unwavering dedication to exploration will forever guide our efforts to expand the frontiers of discovery.


To Hamish's family, friends, and loved ones, we offer our deepest condolences. While we grieve the loss of an exceptional explorer, we also celebrate a life lived to the fullest, marked by courage, passion, and an unrelenting commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. May his legacy serve as a perpetual source of inspiration for generations to come.

Rest in peace, dear Hamish. Your indomitable spirit will forever sail with us through uncharted waters, guide us in the exploration of unknown realms, and inspire us to reach for the stars.

- The Explorers Club Middle-East Chapter members

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