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Tsunamis, Legends, and the Human Toll of an Ancient Eruption

The volcanic eruption of Santorini approximately 3,600 years ago is one of history's most significant disasters, with its aftermath believed to have been recorded in legends like Atlantis. Modern research at the archaeological site of Çesme-Bağlararası on Turkey’s Aegean coast has uncovered evidence pointing to the destructive aftermath of the Thera eruption, including tsunamis. Central to this research is Beverly Goodman-Tchernov, a marine geoscientist at Israel’s University of Haifa, who specializes in identifying past tsunamis in archaeological and geological records. Among the finds at Çesme-Bağlararası is the skeletal remains of a man, potentially a victim of the tsunami, hinting at the human toll of this ancient catastrophe.

Read more about Beverly Goodman-Tchernov's work, our Chapter's founding member, in the following National Geographic article

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